WActivity JAPAN

WActivity JAPAN Online / In studio experiences

WActivity JAPAN Online / In studio experiences is a workshop project where you can discover the authenticity of Japanese culture. “WA”「和」means “Japanese style”, but also “harmony” that is one of the core-concept of Japanese aesthetic. Broadcasting from our studio in Tsukiji, Tokyo, we give life to a hybrid-format of entertainment connecting virtual (via Zoom) and real experience at the same time. Our goal is to present a 360-degree workshop program for all those who want to delve deeper Japanese culture and have fun. Thanks to multiple cameras on set and our English-speaking staff it is easy to enjoy our content worldwide. What are you waiting for? Join us!

*During In studio activities we implement strict security measures against coronavirus disease.

Trial videos

We share free trials of our online workshops and other Japanese “WA”「和」 content live stream simultaneously on three platforms: YouTubeTwitchInstagram.


WAidoL Talk!

The original “WA”riety show by WActivity JAPAN. WAidoL members do their best to present a fully overview of Japan through curiosities and challenges! Will we
discover their hidden talents in this 60-minute live format?