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Since July WActivity JAPAN’s workshop “Ikebana Art and Zen Garden for Mindfulness with an Installation Artist” will be available exclusively on Airbnb.


We will create a small world on a tray combining Ikebana, the traditional Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement, and Zen Garden philosophy!
Through Mindfulness practice, we will learn a more aware spatial comprehension and how to convey our inner universe into a very personal creation.

Installation Artist Sumire will teach you history and philosophy of Ikebana and Zen Garden ("karesansui"). Then, using the flowers and objects you have chosen, you will give life to your personal micro universe in a totally unlimited process.

Ikebana and Zen Garden represent the balance of the universe consisting of heaven, earth and people.
Only when the silence of the mind, concentration, and sensibility are in perfect harmony, we can completely express ourselves and create something surprising.

Use any objects around you and join us to discover together the deep world of Spatial Decoration!


Sumire - Installation Artist

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