Manami Yoshida - Fashion Designer

Graduated from the Department of Design Art of the Kansai Women's Art Junior College (currently Takarazuka University), Yoshida Manami is a costume designer and stylist, active mainly in costume design productions such as theater shows, flamenco and visual bands.

In 2008 she held her own exhibition in Spain and in 2013 she was in charge of costumes for a flower entertainment show at the New York Carnegie Hall called “Flower and Art Festival”, sponsored by the IFA - International Flower Arrangement Association, where she proposed a new kimono style.

In 2021, the flamenco film “El Comienzo” (directed by Hisanori Tsukuda), was selected at the Tokyo Project: “Support Program for Arts and Culture”, where it was nominated for the LA Shorts International Film Festival. The collaboration between art director Tomomi Fujieda and fashion designer Manami Yoshida, it gives birth to a creative intuition that combines traditional Spanish flamenco clothes with Japanese kimono. The “Evolved Kimono Fashion” style, which utilizes materials and patterns of kimono reinventing them, has received huge support from people involved in the stage and movies.


“Inubaka” (film directed by Jun Yoriko) – costume styling
・ “Amanogawa” (film directed by Shun Konii) - costume styling
2019 Madrid International Film Festival - Costume Design Award Nomination
・ Aya Sugimoto - kimono dress design production
Ukon Onoe - costume design production
Many other flamenco stage costumes and costumes for actors and singers


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