Suzune Asami - Former Professional Shrine Maiden


After graduating from music college, she served as a professional shrine maiden at a shrine for three years and became independent.
In 2018, she presided over a shrine maiden dance class. In this period the demand grows throughout the Kanto area.
In 2019, the Japan Shrine Manabi Association was established: an enlightenment activity for the general public to know more about the shrine. More than 500 people receive lessons, trainings and consultations on themes such as “shrine & matchmaking”, “shrine & business administration” and “shrine & women”.
In addition, she started and serves as the owner of the online salon “Suzune Shrine” which leads to the fulfillment of wishes through shrine maiden experience and worship.
In addition, with the concept of “passing the heart of Japan that you do not want to forget to posterity”, Suzune’s Ameba Blog gets the second place for number of accesses in shrine and temple genre.
She performed in Shibuya Cross FM, reaching a remarkable success and skyrocketing the online salon’s sales achieved 3 million yen in a half month.
She was also in charge of shrine maiden dance guidance in the drama series “Hinomoto no Joshi!”.
With the aim to disseminate the ”charm of the shrine” through the media, she joined the WActivity JAPAN’s “WAidoL” project for the spread of Japanese culture and authenticity.

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