2021/06/18 WAidoL Talk! - Studio Admission Ticket *Japanese sweets and tea included

2021/06/18 WAidoL Talk! - Studio Admission Ticket *Japanese sweets and tea included

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Admission fee



Program Schedule

Morning session 13:00~14:30
Evening session 18:30~20:00



The original “WA”riety show by WActivity JAPAN.
WAidoL members do their best to present a fully overview of Japan through curiosities and challenges!
Will we discover their hidden talents in this 60-minute live format?

After the program, WAidoL members will serve Japanese sweets and tea.



WActivity JAPAN - Tsukiji Studio
6-3-9 Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
4 minutes' walk from Tsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)


Cast members

MC: Fura


Time schedule

Morning session
12:50~13:00 Admission
13:00~14:00 Live stream
14:00~14:30 Communication time

Evening session
18:20~18:30 Admission
18:30~19:30 Live stream
19:30~20:00 Communication time



・ Event staff will wear masks.
・ Disinfectant solution will be provide inside the building, please be sure to disinfect yourself before entering the venue.
・ Please wear a mask inside the building. Customers who cannot wear masks will not be allowed to participate in the event.
・ The temperature will be measured at the reception, please cooperate. Those with fever will not be admitted. Please note that no refund will be given in that case.
・ If you are not feeling well, please do not overdo it and refrain from participating. We may refuse to participate in the event for customers who are considered to be extremely ill at the venue.
・ It will be held in a form that thoroughly wears masks, disinfects, ventilates, and social distance. For safety reasons, please follow the instructions of the management staff.
・ The seats will be divided by acrylic partitions.
・ All seats are unreserved.
・ All kind of recording are strictly prohibited.
・ Please note that there is no smoking area in the building.
・ The first and second sessions will be completely replaced.
・ Other staff may inform you of precautions.
・ The content of the event may change depending on the future situation.