How to join in an online experience

How to join in an online experience

・Use Zoom (online communication platform) video conference function to join our online experience.
Download free app Zoom on your PC, tablet or mobile device.
・Once your registration is completed, we will send you an email with all the details to participate.
・Login and check Zoom settings 5 minutes before starting.
・ If you are late we may refuse your participation. In that case the participation fee will not refunded, so please be careful.
  For more details check the entry “Returns, exchange, cancellation” in “User guide” index.

System requirements and internet connection

To participate you need an internet connection and enable audio/video streaming functions.
Before you attend an online experience, please make sure your device is settled with Zoom system requirements and test your internet connection.
For more details about computer system requirements, check System requirements for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Zoom Help Center.
For more details about mobile device system requirements, check System requirements for iOS, iPadOS, and Android on Zoom Help Center.

Caution during an online experience via Zoom

・ It is forbidden to making audio/video recordings.
・ Waiting Room function is turned on by default, the host will allowed the participants individually to enter the Meeting Room.
・ Please do not share protected Zoom Meeting URL password with any other than yourself.
・ Update the latest version of Zoom.
・ The host and the other participants can see the transmission, so please be careful of your surrounding when the camera is on.
・ Please turn your microphone off until we are not ready to allowed you.
・ If you use the Group Messaging function, keep in mind that all participants can see the messages and be careful about what you say.
・ If you want to take a photo or a screenshot, please ask the permission to the host and other participants before.
・ If the host determines that a participant is hindering during an online experience, we may order to leave.

Zoom problems

・First of all, check that the online experience URL is correct. If the URL does not work, please close Zoom and try again.
In the case that also this operation does not work, contact the host and explain your problem.
・If Zoom asks you to enter your password, contact the host to verify that.
In the case that there are no issues by the host side, please contact the Zoom Help Center.